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All events hosted by The Clubhouse of Toms River are ADA accessible unless otherwise noted. Feel free to call us if you have specific questions or needs so we can do our best to accommodate them. 


If you have difficulty standing for long periods of time, please alert a staff member and we can provide chairs near the stage to accommodate you.

Similarly, we can create a space near the front of the stage for those with wheelchairs.

All of our shows are capable of being operated with those prone to photosensitivity in mind. Please let a staff member know if you are sensitive to flashing lights. 


The Clubhouse provides free earplugs and water. Alert a staff member if these are not readily available.


All service animals are welcome. Please feel free to advise us on how to best accommodate the needs of both you and your service animal.


With advance notice, we can seek to provide a sign language interpreter.


Any of our printed materials can be provided in large print versions.


If you have a food allergy that we should be made aware of, please inform a staff member.


If you are prone to other sensitivities, please find a staff member or email We are more than happy to accommodate anyone to the best of our abilities.


We encourage everyone to use the bathroom of their choice.


Be respectful of all Clubhouse visitors.


We encourage our guests to ask people their pronouns. 


We do not tolerate hate speech. We are not in the interest of censorship but we are even more disinterested in making The Clubhouse an unwelcoming environment. Please do not use slurs (on stage or off) to refer to a group you do not belong to. For example, do not say the N-word if you are not black. Do not say “f*g” if you are not queer. And do not say “b*tch” or “c*nt” if you are a man. Respect others. 

If you feel unsafe in any way at The Clubhouse of Toms River, please speak to a staff member or email All concerns/grievances are completely confidential and would not be shared with anyone outside of Clubhouse staff without your explicit permission.


We welcome feedback! Please email if there is anything we can do to make your experience at The Clubhouse of Toms River more inviting.

Do not drink and drive. Call an Uber or take a cab if you feel you drank too much or ask a staff member to call for you.

CLUBHOUSE LOGO wordmark 2 light.png